“Massage with John is a process of constant listening, supporting and sharing. He has the innate ability to sense what you need, whether it is injury recovery, stress relief or just providing your body a tune-up for whatever life is demanding of you. Through his encouragement, you learn to trust in the process and absorb the benefit.”

DebbieNurse Practitioner and Yoga Instructor Durham, NC

“John goes above and beyond to make sure clients are comfortable, relaxed and getting the most out of their massage.”

TriciaMom and StudentDurham, NC
Myong Dunn

“John keeps us moving forward.”

Myong DunnMaster's Runner and 2011 NC RRC 10-mile Grandmaster ChampionHanover, MD

“As a runner, mom and professional, I cannot say enough about the quality of John’s work. He is not just a massage therapist, he is truly a healer. He brought me through two serious running injuries with the utmost attention and care and has also given me a place of relaxation and rejuvenation which has helped me with all aspects of my life. John possesses a real gift and can help anyone from elite athlete to novice.”

AlisonRunner, Mom and VeterinarianChapel Hill, NC
Mark Manz

“The best way to describe the actual massage I got is: wow. Actually, WOW!!! John spent the better part of two hours really working me over, extremely thoroughly. It wasn’t a “few minutes rubbing this, a few minutes rubbing here, let’s put on some sounds of running water and light some candles and do a very superficial going over and get you out the door” deal. It felt more like PT, only BETTER than any PT I’ve ever gotten. He got my legs moving in ways I didn’t think were quite possible. He clearly knows what he’s doing, on a physiological level, and also from being a runner himself. The best and most telling part though is when I finally got up off the table. I immediately felt significantly better than when I had walked in the door. Moving in ways that were almost impossible in the morning felt so much more comfortable right away. I was, and still am, amazed. And extremely grateful.”

Mark Manz Endurance Runner and P.E. TeacherCary, NC

“I have been running at least one marathon per year since 2003. Despite consistent results at the half-marathon distance that would predict a sub four hour finish, I had been unsuccessful in breaking the four hour barrier. Something was missing from my training. I started getting regular massages about 6 months prior to my most recent marathon in December 2009. This is when I met John Stiner. The massages I get from John are different than any others I have received from any other therapist. With the addition of regular massages, I was able to complete more long runs than ever before and felt fresher and healthier when the race started. I was not only able to run the second half of the marathon faster than the first half, but I finished in 3 hours and 55 minutes, finally capturing that elusive sub four hour marathon and qualifying myself for the Boston Marathon. I believe this has been an integral part of my being able to finally run a marathon in under four hours, something that took me seven years and nine tries before I was successful.”

CathyProject ManagerDurham, NC
Josh Rohatinsky

“I first met John in Summer 2008 while doing altitude training in preparation for the Olympic Trial 10K. I’ve worked with score of massage therapists in the past, but during that crucial time in my season I was very fortunate to have found one as knowledgeable and thorough as John. His work was excellent, but John went above and beyond what others in his profession do. Unlike other massage therapists who are accustomed to doing the usual cookie-cutter work, John was intent on digging deeper and having a two-way patient-therapist communication that enabled us to find and correct not only the usual problems that distance runners are prone to, but many more that were the underlying causes thereof. John doesn’t just treat the symptoms; he works with you to resolve them.”

Josh RohatinskyNike Oregon Project/Oregon Track Club, 2006 NCAA Cross Country Champion for BYU & 2008 Olympic Trials 10K qualifier, 5th (27:54.41)Portland, OR

“I have worked with dozens of massage therapists over the years. In my opinion, John is top shelf. He combines the best of several massage therapy styles with his own novel approach to produce a unique and very effective style of bodywork. He brings an athlete’s strength and endurance to the table, and puts a great deal of power into each session; his work is deep, precise and very therapeutic. John is personable and does a great job of remembering the client’s preferences both for bodywork and the massage therapy environment (temperature, music, etc.). If you want fluff, see someone else. If you want deep and lasting therapeutic massage work, see John.”

MarkResearch Scientist Hillsborough, NC

“I have been fortunate to work with a number of talented massage therapists throughout my 20 years as a runner but John truly is head and shoulders above the rest. He has an unparalleled knowledge of the body’s kinetic chain as well as the delicate balance between the physical body and the psyche. Armed with this understanding he has been able to resolve some physical problems that I have struggled with for years in just a few sessions. Thanks to his work my body is more balanced and I am able to run stronger and more efficiently than before.”

AllieRunner and MomDurham, NC

“Stiner Massage provides the best sports massage therapy in the Triangle; they were great! You have bent over backwards to support this event.”

Bob NelsonFormer Umstead Trail Marathon DirectorRaleigh, NC
Devin Swann

“John has been key in keeping me healthy and competitive through a number of running seasons. With his body work, I have been able to stay healthy and set 8k and 10 mile personal bests while in my early thirties. I would recommend John to any athlete who is continually trying to improve in his or her sport. As every competitive athlete knows, the secret to improvement is consistent practice. John’s massage therapy enabled me to stay injury free and allowed me to run my best at every practice session.”

Devin Swann2011 NC USATF 10-mile Champion, 2011 NC RRC 10-mile ChampionRaleigh, NC
Tim Surface

“When it comes to massage therapy, John Stiner is in a league of his own. I’m fortunate enough to work with John several times a month, and I can honestly say I’m a better runner because of him. John also has a running background and has worked with some of the top distance runners in the world. His services go way beyond massage therapy. After seeing John I recover faster and get more out of my future workouts. Check him out. I promise you’ll be amazed.”

Tim Surface2011 NC USATF Marathon Champion, 2011 NC RRC Marathon ChampionRaleigh, NC

“As a singer, my body is very literally my instrument. Massage is as important to my voice as tuning is to a piano. I always thought a massage was a massage, one no different from the others, but John’s work really is different. I believe he isn’t just a massage therapist, he’s a healer.”

LauraProfessional SingerDurham, NC
Dennis Simonaitis

“John’s massage work helped me get through some difficult stretches of hard training that may have otherwise caused injury. His creative and thoughtful approach to healing, as well as his knowledge of anatomy and massage experience, played a large part in helping me bounce back from various ailments. The result was nothing less than fantastic!”

Dennis SimonaitisNationally-Ranked Masters Runner & 3-time Olympic Trials QualiferDraper, UT
Dr. Tim Godsey

“Coming from a running background, I had the typical tight hamstrings and many other tight muscle groups. I was training for my first Ironman. Early on, my coach recommended that I see a massage therapist: John Stiner.

Having never worked with a massage therapist, I was unsure of what to expect. John was excellent. He took time to listen to my concerns and developed a plan. He was very knowledgable and very skilled. He was an important member of my team to get me ready for my race. I had a few injuries along the way, but helped me through all of that. It was amazing to see how flexible I had become.

If you need to see a massage therapist, without hesitation, I would strongly recommend Stiner Massage.”

Dr. Tim GodseyIronman & PeriodontistChapel Hill NC

“John – Been meaning to let you know your work on my calf last week was phenomenal! Think I saw you on Monday. Tuesday, calf was a little sore, but loose, and the knot was gone. Went for a short 3 mile run to test it out, and it held up fine. Thursday I was back running the hills at Umstead. Best $80 I’ve ever spent on medical care! Thanks so much!”

Rob W.Cary, NC

“I used to think that paying for a massage was splurging. Now that I’ve experienced John’s deep muscle massage, I see it as a health necessity. Massage for the body is like worship for the soul.”

KathyPiano Accompanist and MomChapel Hill, NC